The 2021 International Music Day

21 juin 2021

The Music Day is a major popular demonstration, open to all musicians, both amateurs or professionals. Each year, this rendez-vous celebrates live music and promotes the diversity of musical practices and expressions.

On the occasion of its 40th edition, marked by the COVID crisis, the International Music Day reinvents itself again to celebrate music and its artistic richness.

The Institut français aims to shine a light on the initiatives brought by the French cultural network in collaborating with Zebrock and its digital platform Mélo. More than 100 events and concerts, hundreds of artists and bands will be introduced on this occasion!

From São Paulo to Seoul, from Prague to Beirut or Colombo, let’s go on a musical journey around the world !

Credits : © ministère de la Culture/conception graphique : AAAAA Atelier

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La radio

mon ek ou nou de, Andy Wirtz- 2021


Lustbass, Dark Matter - 2019


Los del Ático

Multicolored dreams, Merak - 2021


Chaîne Youtube María Centeno

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