Juanjo Guarnido


Granada, ESPAGNE

Who is Juan Guardino

Spanish comic book artist, illustrator and animator Juanjo Guarnido is best known for his series Blacksad, based on scripts by Juan Díaz Canales. A comic book that has won numerous awards in Europe and America, including the 2014 National Comic Book Award. He is also the author of the drawings for the children’s series Sorcelleries, based on scripts by Teresa Valero, and has done numerous illustration works and various collaborations in French and Belgian comics. He has also spent part of his career in cartooning, particularly at the Walt Disney Studios in Montreuil, where he worked for ten years.

21 juin 202117:00

Fête de la musique Bilbao 2021

Institut français de Bilbao, Bilbao, Espagne

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