• Sept tubes pour l’(été)rnité

    Sept tubes pour l’(été)rnité

    Mettez vos lunettes de soleil et ajustez vos écouteurs, c’est le moment de replonger dans les tubes qui ont marqué vos étés (et ceux de vos parents et de leurs parents avant eux)… Sept petits plaisirs musicaux coupables à déguster sur Mélo jusqu’à la rentrée !

  • The International Music Day 2021

    The International Music Day 2021

    On the occasion of its 40th edition, the International Music Day curated by the Institut français reinvents itself once again to celebrate music and its artistic richness around the world. From São Paulo to Seoul, from Prague to Beirut, more than 100 events and concerts, hundreds of artists and bands presented by the French cultural network will be accessible on Mélo !

  • Mélo, explore a world of music

    Mélo, explore a world of music

    • Travel around a interactive map of musics
    • Read +70 stories and 2 000 notices Artists, Styles, Instruments, Tracks
    • Listen and watch +2 000 media, video clips, interviews, tracks
    • Create your library of musical contents and you own stories

  • The music in common

    The music in common

    A project of musical discovery meant for high schools in Ile-de-France: “The music in common” offers a complete journey for music lovers to the pupils. One of the most important moments is the musical conference presented by a crack team: Rom4n, Mystic Gordon and Mary May. This conference is a true dive into the history of popular music by discovering 25 major tracks!

    Discover the music conference’s collection replacing songs played in front of the students at the heart of the socio-cultural history of the 20th and 21st century.

  • #atSchool!


    This year more than ever, music has proven to be an educative tool as wonderful as it is vital. It feels so good to escape, to discuss, to learn, to be amazed and to develop our imagination through songs!

    In 2020-2021, Zebrock works with 15 artists of the French scene in classrooms to design rich and generous musical projects with children and teenagers.

  • Students' Words

    Students' Words

    An exercise of “musical Mélo-diation” written by the students in musical learning that you can read in our new collection!

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