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About Melo

Mélo is an educational music platform produced by Zebrock. Conceived as an interactive content explorer, Mélo broadens musical knowledge and familiarizes young people with demanding aesthetics and artistic proposals.

The ambition is to cultivate young people’s curiosity by offering a tool adapted to today’s digital uses.

what is at stake? To offer educators, mediators and teachers an interactive and practical tool for innovative teaching. It also means giving children and teenagers the opportunity to explore and learn through music.


An interactive music world map allows you to travel through artists, musical styles and instruments from the five continents.


Dozens of thematic paths and hundreds of notes (artists, instruments, musical styles, songs, etc.) are available for reading.


Mélo provides hundreds of titles in audio or video version that you can listen to freely and at any time of your navigation.


By creating your MELO account, you can also compose your personalized playlist, compile your favorite tracks and notes, and finally contribute to MELO by writing your own articles.



Association created in 1990, Zebrock has been digging a familiar path for 30 years where the pleasure of listening and playing music is combined with the pleasure of learning and cultivating oneself. The Zebrock association is a partner of the Department of Seine Saint-Denis, the Ile-de-France Region and the Prefecture of Seine Saint-Denis. The association is a member of the International Music Council (UNESCO) and the European Music Council. It received the “Association de jeunesse et d’éducation populaire” approval and the “Association éducative complémentaire de l’enseignement public” approval in 2010. More information can be found here: zebrock.org

Ben Etco

Creator and designer of Mélo.

Edouard Richard

Designer and developer of Mélo based in Berlin, Édouard specializes in data visualization and interactive narration on the web.

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