Gipsy Caravan


Bologne, Italie

Who is The Gipsy Caravan?

Born in 2017 from the acrobatic minds of Andrea Menabò and Nicolò Scalabrin, the Gipsy Caravan has wandered along the Italian boot. Along their travels, they offer a brew of melodies mixing the swing of Northern European gypsies, gypsy, to Balkan music, flamenco. Gipsy Caravan deploys an exceptional quartet: guided by its captain Andrea Menabò (guitarist of Mama Afrika, Eusebio Martinelli, Gipsy Orkestra and figurehead of the local gipsy swing scene), with the double bass and groovy voice of Vyasa Basil, the rhythm guitar of Adrian Bejinaru (gypsy pump) and the renowned clarinetist of jazz formation with a swinging heart, Jack Hot Lips Bertocchi.

20 juin19:30

Festa della musica - Bologna

Piazza San Francesco, Bologne, Italie


Gipsy Caravan - Swing 48


Gipsy Caravan - Babik


Gipsy Caravan - Balli con le Bambole


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