Lush Lata



Who is Lush Lata?

New Delhi-based Lush Lata is the press officer at record label 4NC¥, a frequent DJ, and host of the radio show Lushthetics on where she weaves together musical monologues that bring listeners joy, peace and jubilance. She described her playlist contribution to Fete de la Musique in candid detail:

“Here’s a playlist of songs that echos in places where I once was in this space-time continuum. For World Music Day, I have selected tracks that represent certain phases of my life, including watching ‘Mr. Nobody’ for the first time ever and being obsessed with its soundtrack, living in Goa in 2016 and listening to ‘Genesis’ by Grimes on repeat every time I was riding around o

7 juin 2021 - 17 juin05:30

Music Day : The Webradio - Week 1


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