Tapan A. Desai


Calcutta, India

Who is Tapan A. Desai

Tapan A. Desai is a renowned engineer located in Calcutta. After he graduated from Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, Rajasthan, he worked first for Development Consultants Limited, then for Aeicorp, where he currently holds the position of Managing Director. In parallel, since 1985, he teaches and writes papers about software development, operations research, system engineering, applying multimedia and the internet. As a music lover and as a saxophone, flute and keyboard player, Tapan Desai is also a member of several clubs and institutes all over the world, such as the Congo Square Music Society. He contributed to many music events, such as the Kolkatta Jazzfest.

2 juil. - 3 juil.11:30

Jazz - The French Connection

Calcutta, Inde

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