Leonardo Ringo


Jakarta, Indonésie

Who is Leonardo Ringo ?

Born in August, the 5th, in 1977, Leonardo Ringo is a musician, author-composer-interpret, radio host and director of Indonesian musical clips, his carreer begins in 2000. After collaborating with different groups such as Vessel and Zeke and the Popo, he decides to release his first solo album entitled “The sun”, a very successful album which was part of the Top 20 albums of the year. His following album, “Build to race”, largely inspired by jazz music was released in 2013 in collaboration with The Impeccable Six was also very successful. After a long break, Leonardo prepares his new solo album, co-produced by Firzi’o, it should be released in 2021.

20 juin 202106:00

Music festival in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonésie


"Wondrous Sky" by Leonardo Ringo


Leonardo Ringo feat. Mian Meuthia - Something between My Room and Yours (Music Video)


Leonardo Ringo - Karena Waktu Saja Takkan Cukup


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