Veda Aggarwal


Calcutta, India

Who is Veda Aggarwal?

Honorary Director of the Calcutta Classical Guitar Society, Veda is an arts manager and festival curator. She has been actively involved in curating and producing large-format public concerts, and setting up a holistic music education programme for children from disadvantaged communities. With the onset of the global pandemic, Veda has created new formats for engaging classical guitarists across India. In December 2020 she curated and produced the highly successful online edition of the 11th Calcutta International Classical Guitar Festival. She is currently Director of International Relations at Guizhou Moller Cultural Development Co, a company started to promote guitar culture by J. Moller.

11 juin 202111:30

Impressionism in music in the late 19th and early 20th centuries

Calcutta, Inde


Veda Aggarwal

anubhava@IIHS | Spanish Romantic Music on the Classical Guitar


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