Tours, France

Who is Crenoka ?

Crenoka comes from the EXKT-9657 planet where live only robots who don’t really talk. One day, bored, she thought about travelling to Earth. On Earth you can find computers and mics. You can create from scratch. You can talk with musical notes. You can play with melodies and magnetic waves. So Crenoka hides in her room and sings. And it’s the only thing that matters today. Oh! And Crenoka loves supermarkets and their white lights. Ghostly. Automatic. And all those cans so much alike and unique at the same time. Just like the sound of an instrument that lags and flows.

20 juin12:30

Crenoka Ft. Zeca



Crenoka x Yrr : Reste un peu


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Composé par Zebrock