Katana Funk


Arequipa - Pérou

Who are Katana Funk

Peruvian group formed in 2007, its musicians have been influenced by the funk and soul of the 60s and 70s. They offer a fusion of funk with rock, soul, jazz and hip hop while integrating contemporary sounds and sophisticated harmonies, blending their sound and musical essence.

The musicians are Gabriel Infantas (guitar and vocals), Paola Infantas (vocals), David Jara (piano and vocals), Ricardo Riega (bass), Marcilio Sotomayor (drums and percussion).

19 juin - 20 juin18:00

Music Day Arequipa

Alliance française d'Arequipa - Centre Culturel de l'Université Nationale San Agustin / Arequipa - Pérou


Es Lo Mejor


Soñando Despertar


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