L'Homme Statue



Who is Loïc Koutana

A French-Ivorian immigrant who has lived in Brazil for five years, multimedia artist Loïc Koutana will always have a new story to tell. After consolidating a dense artistic trajectory as a performer and role model among the new generation of Brazilian creatives, Loïc is now plunging into his most important and challenging time: the beginning of his solo project in music.

The young French dancer and musician, whose real name is Loïc Koutana, will be the master of ceremony. Internationally recognized for his performances with the Teto Preto collective of São Paulo, he is currently exhibited at the video room of the São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP).

21 juin 202122:00

Music Day Brazil



L’HOMME STATUE - Braços/Vela (Clipe Oficial)


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