Linn da Quebrada


São Paulo, Brésil

Who is Linn da Quebrada

It was in music that Brazilian multimedia artist Linn da Quebrada emerged in 2017, with the single and instant hit “Enviadescer.” Since then, the singer and songwriter has developed her music-making process in different stages, exploring her body through words, creating sounds and making noise. The first album, Pajubá (2018), brought its own language, catapulting the artist to different stages in Brazil and the world. Under the musical direction of Brazilian DJ and producer BADSISTA, Pajubá evoked a sonic aesthetic that was difficult to classify, but powerful in its practical effects: music made for thinking and dancing.

21 juin 202122:00

Music Day Brazil



Linn Da Quebrada - Tracks ARTE


Linn da Quebrada - Oração (Clipe Oficial)


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