Afros en las alturas


Arequipa - Pérou

Who are Afro en las alturas

“Afro en las alturas” takes us to a world where the unique blend of Peruvian roots is fully displayed. This group takes us on a journey through a Peru full of joyful and festive rhythms characterized by the vibrant percussion of the coast and the sounds of the guitar and the Andean saxophone.

Formed by students of the Faculty of Arts of the National University of San Agustin of Arequipa, “Afro en las alturas” invites us to look and listen to the depths of Peruvian culture and revalue it, adding international ingredients such as jazz and world music.

19 juin - 20 juin18:00

Music Day Arequipa

Alliance française d'Arequipa - Centre Culturel de l'Université Nationale San Agustin / Arequipa - Pérou


Afro en las Alturas - Chincha (A. Prado)


Afro en las Alturas - Landó de Madrugada (Sergio Salazar)


Afro en las Alturas - Chacombo


Afro en las Alturas - Afro en las Alturas


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