Niamey, Niger

Who is Laslam

“Old school” rapper, LASLAM is also a returnee to the Tremplin of which he participated in the 5th edition without managing to qualify for the final.
This year and his objective to be in the final reached, he dreams of conquering ‘’the throne’’ of the Tremplin as he says himself. The artist hopes to use his long experience in music (he sings since 2005 as an amateur) and his previous mistakes in many local competitions to achieve his goal.
Quite expansive on stage, the artist also has a particular style of dress that recalls the Rasta codes.
His unadorned rap, based on very significant events of his life, have allowed him to charm and embrace the public.

21 juin18:30

Nigerian Young Talents

CCFN Jean Rouch, Niamey, Niger

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