Milar Zenteno


Moquegua - Pérou

Who is Milar Zenteno ?

Milar Zenteno is a songwriter and composer of “trova” music from southern Peru (Moquegua). Since 1998 he has been compiling poems and poetic fragments and setting them to music.

The musicalisation of his poems is accompanied by the rhythms and sounds of typical Andean and Afro-Peruvian instruments, such as the “cajon”, the “quenas”, the pan flute and others. All these instruments are handmade.

19 juin 2021 - 20 juin18:00

Music Day Arequipa

Alliance française d'Arequipa - Centre Culturel de l'Université Nationale San Agustin / Arequipa - Pérou


"Semáforos" Milar Zenteno 01.01.2017


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