Niamey, Niger

Who is 7KU

7KU sings since a few years now. Recognized through his swaggish style and his Bad Boy aspect, 7KU, makes urban and often leans towards afro-trap music.

Very alive on stage, he reached the final thanks to a strong mentality and a regular questioning of his style based on the remarks and advice of the jury.

The one who is said to be ‘’mean on the beat’’ managed to cheerfully take on board all the subscribers of the springboard with his music with very light lyrics, a perfect diction, and punchlines tinted with his daily life.

Dreaming of a long musical career, he hopes with the contest “Tremplin des Jeunes Talents du Niger” to cross the wall.

21 juin18:30

Nigerian Young Talents

CCFN Jean Rouch, Niamey, Niger

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